Cycling Holidays in Germany  

Bike friendly accommodation and a wealth of natural landscapes: romantic river banks, wineyards and woods, the North Sea Coast or the unique Lake Constance - they all offer a lot to discover. Meet ethusiastic cyclists and friendly inhabitants of cities and villages. Across Germany there are thousands of miles of bike-only paths. Everyone pedals - to work and school, for shopping and for fun. You're welcome.

Star tour of Münster:
Park Landscape and Moated Castles

Castle Vischering

3-9 Days from/to Münster    WST

In the park landscape of the green Münsterland you discover the typical Westphalia on picturesque cycle routes. City tour with overnight stays in the capital of bicycles: Münster.

Price from: € 199,- (3 days)

Accommodation: 4*-Hotels
Level 1  |  E-Bikes available
251 kms /156 miles Self-guided

Round trip of South Westphalia:
Rivers. Castles. Münsterland

Castle Nordkirchen

7 Days from/to Münster    WRS

Discover the beauty of Münsterland's park landscape and the many moated castles on your bike ride. Rivers, forests and meadows will accompany you on Münsterland's characteristic "Pättkes".

Price from: € 659,-

Accommodation: 3*/4*-Hotels
Level 1  |  E-Bikes available
158 kms /94 miles Self-guided

Round Trip of North Westphalia:
Peace of Westphalia

Mnster City

8 Days from/to Münster    WRN

Go back in time to the Peace of Westphalia and discover Münster and Osnabrück, the two "cities of peace". Be sure to cycle along hidden paths - some of them a little challenging.

Price from: € 789,-

Accommodation: 4*-Hotels
Level 2  |  E-Bikes available
160 kms /96 miles Self-guided

Moselle Cycle Track:
Easy Cycling along the Wineyards

6 Days from Trier to Koblenz    6MOS

Overlooking the stunning vineyards you cycle easily along the Moselle and through picturesque villages. The bike paths run almost without gradients along the river valley.

Price from: € 409,-

Accommodation: 3*-Hotels
Level 1  |  E-Bikes available
204 kms /126 miles Self-guided

Cycle track Lake Constance:
Short Version of the Classic Route

Lake Constance

6 Days from/to Bregenz    6BOD

Short version of the classic Lake Constance cycling tour with many highlights: Konstanz, Mainau, Friedrichshafen. Easy cycling along the Lake Constance Cycling Path.

Price from: € 389,-

Accommodation: 3*-Hotels
Level 1  |  E-Bikes available
181 kms /112 miles Self-guided

Cycling around Lake Constance:
The Classic 3-Countries-Route

Lake Constance

8 Days from/to Bregenz    8BOD

Beautiful tour around Germany's largest Lake: Lake Constance with start in Bregenz. Visits to the islands of Mainau and Reichenau, with a detour to the Rhine Falls near Schaffhausen.

Price from: € 499,-

Accommodation: 3*-Hotels
Level 1  |  E-Bikes available
265 kms /165 miles Self-guided

Baltic Sea Cycle Route:
Along Hanseatic Sea Side Resorts

Lbeck Germany

8 Days from Lübeck to Stralsund    OST

Enjoy the Hanseatic architecture, lively sea side resorts, beaches, and the Baltic Sea breezes. Very good cycle paths and a wonderful coastal landscape are a highlight for every cyclist.

Price from: € 559,-

Accommodation: Standard / Comfort
Level 1-2  |  E-Bikes available
256-316 kms /159-196 miles Self-guided

Altmühl Cycle Track:
Medieval Cities & Romantic Rivers

Altmhl Cycle

8 Days from Rothenburg to Regensburg    8ALT

Explore the romantic Altmühl Valley and cycle along the beautiful riverbanks of the Altmühl and the green farmland. From the medieval city of Rothenburg o.d. Tauber to Regensburg, a city with a rich history.

Price from: € 505,-

Accommodation: 3*-Hotels
Level 2  |  E-Bikes available
290 kms /180 miles Self-guided

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Cycling Holidays with boat and bike in Germany

Along Rhine & Neckar: Explore the valleys of Rhine and Neckar

Rhine and Neckar

8 Days from Koblenz to Bad Wimpfen    KOB

A beautiful and unique cycling tour and cruise. Explore the famous river valleys of Rhine and Neckar. Gentle touring by bike along flat cycle tracks and minor roads.

Price from: € 829,-

Accommodation: MS Patria
Level 1  |  E-Bikes available
230 kms /143 miles Self-guided

Moselle & Saar: Beautiful river valleys, vineyards and towns

Moselle & Saar

8 Days from Saarburg to Koblenz    SBG

An easy boat-and-bike-tour along two rivers which wind through enchanting countryside with famous vineyards and beautiful middleaged cities. Start is in Koblenz or Saarburg.

Price from: € 529,-

Accommodation: MS Patria
Level 1  |  E-Bikes available
242 kms /150 miles Self-guided

Along the river Rhine between Mainz and Straßbourg

8 Days from Mainz to Straßbourg    STM

Enjoy this journey, on which you will cross the French-German border several times by bike. Both the French region of the Alsace and the German Black Forest area have many highlight to offer, very fine wine and delicious plates.

Price from: € 999,-

Accommodation: MS Arkona
Level 1  |  E-Bikes available
210 kms /130 miles Self-guided

From Cologne to Mainz: Romantic Riverbanks along the Rhine

along the Rhine

8 Days from Cologne to Mainz    MAK

Follow the Rhine through a charming hilly landscape, with castles, palaces and lovingly designed half-timbered houses.

Price from: € 999,-

Accommodation: MS Arkona
Level 1  |  E-Bikes available
214 kms /133 miles Self-guided