Star Tour Bremen

4 days / 6 days | individual cycle tours

Welcome to a fascinating cycle tour through Bremen and its enchanting surroundings! This week is all about exploring the beauty of this northern German city and its idyllic surroundings, with the enchanting artists‘ village of Worpswede as a very special highlight. We invite you to experience the vibrant history and rich culture of Bremen on two wheels, admire the impressive sights and finally immerse yourself in the inspiring ambience of Worpswede. In an environment that attracts artists from all over the world, you can experience the magic of art at first hand Prepare yourself for a week that combines art, culture and the unrivalled nature of northern Germany. A journey full of discoveries and unforgettable impressions awaits you!

Highlights of this bike trip

Hanseatic city steeped in history



Schlachte shore

Bremen Town Musicians

Worpswede artists‘ village

 Industrial culture and harbours

Rivers Wümme, Hamme, Beek and Wörpe

Itinerary 4 days / 3 nights

Day 1: Travel to Bremen on your own

Check-in from 15:00 at the hotel and opportunity to visit the city centre, which is within walking distance of the hotel.

Day 2 and Day 3: Day tour from/to Bremen.

Choose your tour of the day from 7 different routes that take you through picturesque landscapes in Bremen's surrounding countryside and idyllic villages. From a leisurely 17 km to 62 km, we offer the right day tour for every day. Whether close to the city centre or far out into the countryside, you can look forward to fresh air and lots of fun on our carefully planned routes.

Day 4: Departure in the morning

Breakfast at the hotel and check-out by 12:00 (Raddisson Blue) or 11:00 (Atlantic Universum). If you would like to use the rest of the day for other activities, you can leave your luggage at the hotel.

Itinerary 6 days / 5 nights

Day 1: Travel to Bremen on your own

Check-in from 15:00 at the hotel and opportunity to visit the city centre, which is within walking distance of the hotel.

Day 2 to day 5: Day tour from/to Bremen. Choice of 7 routes

Discover the beauty of the Bremen region on two wheels! You can choose from 7 different routes of varying lengths. Whether you want to explore the hidden treasures of the city centre or prefer to immerse yourself in the unspoilt nature far out in the countryside - our diverse routes guarantee unforgettable experiences.

Day 6: Departure in the morning

Breakfast at the hotel and check-out by 12:00 (Raddisson Blue) or 11:00 (Atlantic Universum). If you would like to use the rest of the day for other activities, you can leave your luggage at the hotel.

8 cycle tours from/to Bremen to choose from

Tour 1: Bremen city centre tour

City centre and surroundings | cycle tour approx. 17 km
This tour takes you off the beaten track through Bremen and offers you an authentic insight into the city. Bremen presents itself as an exciting city centre with interesting corners, characteristic features and a rich history. On our Bremen city centre tour, you will experience at first hand how the city has developed rapidly over the last 170 years

Tour 2: Bremen-Worpswede tour

City, country, art | cycle tour 62.4 km
This fascinating cycle tour offers a green and largely car-free route. Along canals, ditches and riverbanks such as the Wümme, Hamme, Beek and Wörpe, it leads through a flat meadow landscape with dykes, terps, dams, bridges and water areas, large areas of which are under nature conservation. Highlights of this tour are the wide meadows and water areas of the Hamme lowlands and the artists' village of Worpswede, where artists have lived and worked for over 100 years. The art and culture of past centuries are kept alive in museums, exhibition centres, galleries and buildings designed by artists. This encounter between art and village life, accompanied by coffee and cake, is both worth seeing and exciting.

Tour 3: Contrasts tour

Nature reserves and industrial harbours | Cycle tour 59 km
The tour takes you south, where you can experience urban life and an important part of industrial culture: the industrial harbours. A world of contrasts and gigantomania opens up here with raw materials, cargo ships, warehouses and lorries. Despite its industrial appearance, this area offers an exciting cycle tour and requires a little urban adventurousness. On the way back, the tour takes you through the green block country, which provides a fascinating contrast to the industry. Here you will experience a charming, natural environment that stands in stark contrast to the industrial landscape.

Tour 4: Blockland circuit

Cow, Knipp and cult | cycle tour 27 km
Welcome to our exciting tour through the Blockland, a local recreation area with real cult status, just a few minutes from the city centre. This area is ideal for exploring by bike. There are more cows than people in this agricultural region and the marshland is an important and protected habitat for rare animals and plants. For cyclists, inline skaters and walkers, the Blockland is one of the most fascinating excursion destinations in Bremen.

Tour 5: Fischerhude loop

Over hill, dale and ditch | Cycle tour 57 km
This tour takes you to the charming artists' village of Fischerhude, the highlight of this cycle tour from Bremen to the north-east. You cycle through meadows, forests, dune landscapes and over bridges on well-paved routes through the Wümmen lowlands and side roads in the district of Osterholz. From time to time you leave the asphalt and cycle on unpaved paths and trails in forest areas such as the Hexenberg Forest and the Suhrheide, ideal for gravel biking. Enjoy this tour through charming cultural landscapes.

Tour 6: Vegesack loop

Water trails | Cycle tour 54 km
This tour takes you through Bremen's historical struggle for access to sea-deep water. The city once lay at the head of the Weser estuary delta, which posed a challenge for centuries. The sluggish river tended to silt up, costing Bremen both nerves and a lot of money. To ensure vital access to the world's oceans, the city had to act time and again. This issue is still of great importance to the city-state today. During our tour, we will therefore take an in-depth look at Bremen's ports, hydraulic engineering structures and shipping. But the tour has even more to offer. It takes you along the dykes, follows the tracks of the peat barge canals and provides insights into rural settlements. There are no hills on this tour, and the only exception to the gradients is the height of the dykes.

Tour 7: Weser circuit

Schlachte, Werder, Übersee | cycle tour 29 km
Experience Bremen in all its diversity on this tour! Start at the stadium, followed by a ferry ride to the lido. A green dyke offers relaxation, and the harbor area combines art, coffee, work and living by the water. The connecting element: the Weser, which links Bremen with the North Sea and the world.

Extra tour: Weser-Runde Ost | Cycle tour 61 km

If you want to explore the hinterland and cover a little distance, you can cycle east along the Weser. Dikes and meadows, half-timbered houses and mills, expanses of water and the Westerstauwerk await you. The villages are small and tranquil with a few opportunities for a picnic along the way or a stop at a restaurant/beer garden.

The first part of the tour leads nicely over the Habenhauser dyke along the Kleine Weser. The asphalted path with a view over the water leads close to the river through the greenery. From Rieder Straße, it moves away from the Weser and you cycle along the roadside cycle path via Thedinghausen to Achim. (On shorter stretches without a separate cycle path).

If you want to see more of the Weser and cycle along the Aller for a while, you can do a short extra loop in Achim. First you cycle through the residential area via Verdener Str. to the district of Baden. From Verdener Str. turn right into Allerstraße, then left into Zum Blocksberg. A short distance further on, the Weser, the Langwedel lock canal and the Aller meet. From here you start the way back. The route follows the banks of the Weser back to Brückenstraße, which you cross at the Achim-Uesen marina. You return to Bremen via Bollen on good paths through predominantly natural areas. Here you pass some harbor facilities before the Weser stadium comes into view and you cycle along the Osterdeich back to the old town.