Boat and Bike France

Across the Rhône through the Lavender fields of Provence

8 Days from/to Lyon to Arles    LYA

Our new Bike and Barge Tour Via Rhôna is a level 2 bike tour that is situated in the south of France. We let our guests meet with the beautiful countryside of the Rhône valley, but also with cities founded by the Romans more than 2.000 years ago.

Price from: € 1465,-

Accommodation: MS Provence
Level 1  |  E-Bikes available
241 kms /150 miles Self-guided

Boat & Bike Provence / Camargue in France

Boat & Bike Provence

8 Days from/to Aigues Mortes to Avignon    PRO

From the salt marshes of the Camargue to the famous wine regions around Avignon: The charming landscapes and villages of Provence and Camargue you can discover by bike and boat with choice of self-guided or guided cycling tours.

Price from: € 1020,-

Accommodation: L'Estello / Soleo
Level 2  |  E-Bikes available
260-293 kms /162-182 miles Guided

Bike and Barge Cochem - Metz


8 Days from/to Cochem to Metz    CMP

You follow the river Moselle, partly in Germany, partly in France and partly in Luxembourg, along the endless vineyards and the enchanting old cities like Cochem and Bernkastel.

Price from: € 1169,-

Accommodation: MS Princesse Royal
Level 1  |  E-Bikes available
215-248 kms / miles Self-guided

Along the river Rhine between Mainz and Strasbourg

river Rhine bike holidays

8 Days from/to Mainz to Straßbourg    STM

Enjoy this journey, on which you will cross the French-German border several times by bike. Both the French region of the Alsace and the German Black Forest area have many highlight to offer, very fine wine and delicious plates.

Price from: € 949,-

Accommodation: MS Olympia
Level 1  |  E-Bikes available
210 kms /130 miles Self-guided


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Cycling Holidays in France

Romantic Castles of the Loire in France

Castles of the Loire in France

8 Days from/to Tours     LOI

Enjoy cycling in France and discover the romantic castles along the Loire and its tributaries. One of the most popular regions for cyclists in France.

Price from: € 889,-

Accommodation: 3*/4*-Hotels
Level 2  |  E-Bikes available
362 kms /225 miles Self-guided

Cycling Holiday Dordogne & Perigord

Cycling Holiday Dordogne & Perigord

8 Days from/to Souillac     DOR

Explore the treasures of the Dordogne by bicycle: castles, medieval towns and the prehistoric caves around Les Eyzies. Shorter cycle tours with time for sightseeing.

Price from: € 790,-

Accommodation: 2*/3*-Hotels
Level 2  |  E-Bikes available
143 kms /88 miles Self-guided

Cycling from Paris to Mont Saint Michel

Cycling from Paris to Mont Saint Michel

10 Days from Paris to St. Malo     PAR

Enjoy the culture, gorgeous landscapes and historic parks on your self-guided cycling trip between Paris and Mont Saint Michel, the magic monastery island.

Price from: € 1546,-

Accommodation: 3*-Hotels
Level 2-3  |  E-Bikes available
474 kms /295 miles Self-guided

The Highlights from the North of Burgundy

North of Burgundy cycling holidays

8 Days from/to Auxerre     NBUR

Some of the most beautiful villages of France you cross during this cycling holiday through northern Burgundy. The wine region around Chablis, towns like Noyers and Vézelay are just some of the highlights.

Price from: € 827,-

Accommodation: 2*/3*-Hotels
Level 1-3  |  E-Bikes available
208 kms /129 miles Self-guided

Castles & Wine Growery in South Burgundy

South of Burgundy cycle tours

8 Days from/to Dijon     SBUR

Self-guided cycling holiday through a cultural landscape protected by the UNESCO: the wine region of Burgundy with medieval villages and the beautiful wine yards. A feast for all senses...

Price from: € 964,-

Accommodation: 2*/3*/4*-Hotels
Level 2-3  |  E-Bikes available
258 kms /160 miles Self-guided