Porto to Nazaré – cycling the Atlantic Route

9 days / 8 nights | Self-guided cycling tours

In this self-guided bike tour you will be cycling through 316 km on a 7 days journey, surrounded by beautiful sceneries. The origin of the name of Portugal it was given by the city of Porto from a very early age (c. 200 BC) when it was designated as Portus Cale. The city is known worldwide by its wine, bridges, contemporary and ancient architecture and its magnificent historic centre, classified has a world heritage by UNESCO. Enjoy the first night and explore this beautiful and ancient city and off course, taste a traditional Port Wine. Through cycle tracks and secondary roads, the selected routes takes you to beautiful beaches, natural features, villages where the ancient traditions still last, and much more!

The beginning of your journey marked along the banks of the Douro River and the northwest coast, will provide great moments to keep in memory. Secondary roads and cycle tracks will guide you by the northwest coast until the city of Ovar, known as the City Museum of Tiles. Cycling south by the amazing Aveiro lagoon, the traditional boats of the region - moliceiros - will welcome you to the city of Aveiro. Pedaling through natural features you will discover the track to Figueira da Foz and amazing views to the Atlantic coast. Passing by many small villages you have the opportunity to try the typical Portuguese gastronomy and mingle with the locals. Mostly through cycle tracks the last stage will guide you to Nazaré, a village with ancient connections to the fishing traditions.The fascinating views upon the northwest coast, the beautiful rivers and lagoons together with the traditional villages and historical towns, travelled mostly by cycle tracks and secondary roads; combined with a great selection of seafood and Portuguese traditional cuisine, is certainly one of the most wonderful experiences you will not want to miss!

  • Enjoy the fantastic life of Porto while exploring Cycling Holidays in Portugal
  • Discover incredible sights upon the coast and the best beaches in the northwest coast
  • Spectacular rivers and lagoons to explore
  • Visit traditional villages and towns
  • Extra nights available


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Day 1: Arrival Porto (optional transfer from Porto airport to hotel)

Enjoy the arts, history and vibrant culture of Porto city. (Along with travel pack we provide tips for Porto visits).
Porto is known worldwide by its wine, bridges, contemporary and ancient architecture and its magnificent historic centre, classified has a world heritage by UNESCO. (Extra nights available before tour starts)

Day 2: Porto to Espinho (Cycling 37 km / 23 miles)

Having relaxing time to enjoy the city, the journey starts cycling along the northwest coast and on the bank of Douro River through cycle tracks to one of the most ancient and typical places of the city, called Ribeirinha (Riverside). Crossing by the famous bridge "D. Luis I" we cycle to Vila Nova de Gaia where there are plenty of caves of producers of Port wine. Take some time to explore the area and admire the view to the city of Porto from the other side of the river. The way to Espinho is marked by the cycle tracks and by the gorgeous views to the Atlantic Ocean. We highlight the visit to the chapel "Senhor da Pedra", built on a rock by the sea in 1686.

Day 3: Espinho to Ovar (Cycling 30 km / 18 miles)

A relaxing day full of nature. Cycling mostly through cycle tracks you will travel your way involved in green areas and by the coast discovering the beautiful lagoon of Paramos, where you can observe some birdlife, the beach of Esmoriz and the beach of Furadouro. The overnight will be in Ovar, a city that is known as "Cidade Museu do Azulejo" (City Museum of Tiles) because of the use of the tiles as a decorative component in local architecture, being visible throughout the city.

Day 4: Ovar to Aveiro (Cycling 49 km + ferry / 30 miles)

A day full of nature and adventure, with plenty to see and feel. Cycling by cycle tracks, flat off road paths and secondary roads - the wonderful Aveiro lagoon is a constant presence. Passing the S. Jacinto dunes a ferry boat journey will take you to the other side of the lagoon. Reaching the city centre of Aveiro you are welcome by the moliceiros - elegant colourful boats that were used to collect moliço seaweed. They are decorated with paintings that ridicule everyday situations.

Day 5: Aveiro to Praia de Mira (Cycling 38 km / 24 miles)

Start the day visiting the splendid city of Aveiro also known as "The Venice of Portugal" and then the route will take you through the Aveiro lagoon to the beach of Mira (Praia de Mira) by secondary roads and cycle paths. We highlight the beach of Vagueira, where apart of the lovely views which provides us, this beach is still used today by fisherman who develop their craft by hand.

Day 6: Praia de Mira to Figueira da Foz (Cycling 49 km / 30 miles)

A day full of adventure and nature. Cycling through quiet roads and trails you will travel your way involved in a forest and a dune landscape environment. Crossing by a quarry disabled, you will have the opportunity to observe stunning views to the north and to the south side of the Atlantic coast. Pedaling on the cycle track on the beach you will arrive at your destination.

Day 7: Figueira da Foz to Praia da Vieira (72 km/45 mil. or 47 km/29 mil. + train or 29 km/18 mil. + 2 trains)

Cycling through a cycle track and secondary roads you will start along the Mondego River north bank. On your way to the coast you will pass some hills and by many small villages where you can have a nice lunch and mingle with the locals. On a cycle track between a forest areas you will arrive to the beach of Vieira (Praia da Vieira).
If you want to reduce some distance on this day you have two options:
Option 1: Catch a train in Figueira da Foz (skipping the track on the north bank of the Mondego River) and cycle 47 km.
Option 2: Catch a combination of 2 trains in Figueira da Foz (skipping the track on the north bank of the Mondego River and the hills) and cycle 29 km.

Day 8: Praia da Vieira to Nazaré (Cycling 41 km / 25 miles)

Through many cycle paths and some secondary roads you will cycle along the nature, coast and some coastal villages. Places like the lighthouse of Penedo da Saudade, the beach of S. Pedro de Moel and the beach of Paredes da Vitória for its great atmosphere, and of course by the lighthouse of Nazaré where the big waves can be seen when the ocean allows, certainly will mark your day.

Day 9: Return

End of program with optional transfer. OPTIONAL: extra night/s available on request.

Please note: All cycling distances stated above are approximate only.